Con-Struct™ Prefabricated Bridge System

The Con-Struct™ Prefabricated Bridge System offers a sleek, modern profile for a 21st century sustainable design. The system incorporates a unique composite element which uses continuous hot-dipped galvanized steel tub girders with a precast concrete deck. The patented element is unique in design and behaves as a prestressed bridge for a fraction of the cost. The steel tub girders are stressed into a camber in a special forming system and the concrete deck is precast to them creating the composite element. When lifted and set, the concrete deck goes into compression eliminating temperature and shrinkage cracks thereby providing superior protection to the underlying steel reinforcement. The system’s precast concrete deck becomes the driving surface eliminating the need for a field applied, cast-in-place deck and/or wearing surface

Redi-Span® ArchBridge System

Timeless in simplicity and grace, proven in efficiency, most surprising in economy, the Redi-Span® Arch Bridge System incorporates three-sided, arch topped, precast concrete elements in spans from 12′ to 48′. Elements can be supported on simple cast-in-place spread footings for a natural stream bottom, full width channel inverts or even walled abutment and bents. Precast concrete headwall elements are match-cast to their end elements and field attached using a bolted connection. Wingwalls are typically designed utilizing the Tricon Retained Soil Wall System™.

The Redi-Span® Arch system provides an efficient and cost competitive three-sided culvert for public civil applications but with just a few economical aesthetic treatments such as formliner finishes, stone veneer applications, decorative railings, end scoring and key stones, can literally turn a culvert into a landscaping centerpiece for private developments.

Double-Tee Precast Bridge System

The Tricon Double-Tee Bridge System can be a very smart choice for off-system bridges requiring up to 80′ clear spans. All the benefits of a precast superstructure are included such as: plant manufactured to the highest quality control standards using durable, economical, low maintenance concrete; designed to meet either AASHTO LFD or the new LFRD load rating criteria; can be manufactured and erected during inclimate weather speeding the fast track construction process; will not rust, rot or burn, and will outlast most other building materials, including wood and steel; a sensible choice for sustainable development. In addition to these very desirable attributes, the Tricon Double-Tee elements incorporate a thickened deck which provides the driving surface which means that a cast-in-place topping or wearing surface is not required with this element. Tricon produces these elements in 6′, 7′, and 8′ widths with lengths up to 78′.

Plank-Deck™ Bridge System

An ideal solution for remote private and public applications, the Tricon Plank-Deck™ Bridge System delivers safe, flexible and economical options for rapid bridge deployment. With minimal equipment and manpower required, this precast concrete bridge system can be erected and in use in one day. Once again, Tricon’s customer-centric approach to solving on-site construction challenges has delivered a proven winner in the field.

The Tricon Plank-Deck™ Bridge System consists of standardized precast concrete components; abutment/bent footings, riser sections and plank-deck slabs. The plank-deck elements incorporate the driving surface which means that no topping or wearing surface is required after installation. With the superstructure manufactured entirely of precast concrete, there is no cast in place concrete required on site. All standardized elements are sized to enable delivery to site in legal weight truckloads and the entire structure to be constructed and erected with a medium- sized track-hoe (Hyundai 380 or equivalent) and minimal personnel. These attributes make the Tricon Plank-Deck™ Bridge System ideal for remote locations and rapid deployment.

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